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2018 Actminds Events

Meet IT leaders to discuss how technology can propel businesses and cloud computing can unleash new user experiences.  These have always been Actminds’ motivations while participating in IT events across the US…

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Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017

In October 2017, Actminds sponsored Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017, in Orlando. It is the premier industry event covering all things payments, including FinTech, EMV chip technology, mobile wallets…

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Actminds at Payments Summit 2018

In March 2018, Actminds sponsored Payments Summit, in Orlando. It is the premier industry event covering all things payments, including FinTech, EMV chip technology, mobile wallets, NFC…

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We are a technology solutions provider

ready to improve your customers’ engagements, empower your employees, optimize your operation and transform your products with new applications and by enabling cloud computing as digital transformations’ levers.


We support companies of all sizes to leverage cloud, mobile, and applications to transform their business.


We understand business priorities and sharpen the technologies in an agile approach.


We are inspired by the transformation our customers go through while improving their businesses.

Custom Application Development
Application Modernization & Integration
Strategic Cloud Enablement
Application Managed Services
Data Insights with Actminds’ REACT
Modernize your applications, create new mobile experiences, and enable cloud computing.

Actminds Cases

What do a pharmaceutical company, a financial solutions provider, a healthcare solutions provider, and a sports rental and a talent selection company have in common? The need to innovate and transform challenges into opportunities.

Point of sales to support sellers and doctors enabling real-time negotiations based on market data, customer and reseller’s inventory.

The underlying technologies
A solution that would integrate with SAP by leveraging technologies such as Java, ABAP, .NET, SQL Server, Cloud Computing, and Business Intelligence.

Customer segment

A secure and scalable solution for parties to charge for products or services purchases.

The underlying technologies
A set of REST APIs, using OAuth protocol, running on EC2 Instances, and storing data in Dynamo DB tables web portal and a mobile app to allow users to manage transactions and profile.

Customer segment
Financial solution provider

An analytics system that would support executives to align culture and business priorities, improve organization culture, and align the entire company in new customer centric values and guiding behaviors.

The underlying technologies
.NET,  Visual Studio, SQL Server, Rackspace Cloud

Customer segment
Goods and services

Enhance the SaaS platform enabling customers to better manage organization structure and reflect distinct companies, brands, divisions, regions, or locations. Streamlining the hiring and employee-performance management processes.

The underlying technologies
ASP.NET, JQuery, Kendo UI, JavaScript, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Mercurial & TortoiseHG, PostMan, Team City, JIRA, Confluence, Rest Services, Bootstrap.

Customer segment
Talent Selection and Employee Development Solution Provider.

Leveraging Azure cloud-based solutions allowed Exaktime to streamline their application delivery process without the need to buy and maintain hardware or patch operating systems. Being able to continuously innovate their product, Exaktime can focus on adding value to their customers’ businesses as they digitally transform their organizations.

The underlying technologies
Microsoft Azure SaaS

Customer segment
Mobile Workforce Management

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