At Actminds we envision great outcomes in the partnership between our customers, employees, and alliances. Together we select the technologies that will solve the most challenging business problems.

With 30 years of experience, 600 specialists, professional certifications and industry awards, and projects on 3 continents, Actminds is the technology solution provider that enables the digital transformation in companies of different sizes, fields, and geographies.


High visibility & traceability

  • The tools and the processes to monitor progress from inception to delivery.
  • Improve risk and quality management.
  • Predictable costs and outcomes.

Industry best practices

  • RUP, PMI, and Scrum as the foundation to lead projects.
  • International standards and best practices for efficiency gain.
  • The proper approach to attend to specific needs and requirements.


  • Quick start and first delivery in a short period of time.
  • New or enhanced features delivered regularly.
  • Less bureaucracy, more business outcomes.


Flexible Development Projects

  • The roles and expertise to attend to unique demands.
  • Monthly, hourly or scope-based rates.
  • Mix your and Actminds’ specialists and configure high-performance teams.
  • At each sprint new or enhanced features, fully developed and tested, are delivered.

Agile Development Cells

  • 6 to 8 team members, 3 to 4 weeks release cycle.
  • At each sprint, new or enhanced features fully developed and tested, are delivered.
  • The commitment to deliver business value at each sprint.

An extension of your team

  • Dedicated senior developers, product owners, scrum masters, architects, and testers.
  • The technology to engage with your team as if we are working side-by-side.




  • Innovation as a driving force to leverage the latest technologies to improve projects.
  • Flexibility to adapt execution as customer needs rapidly change.
  • Reuse of components, design patterns, and best practices to shorten cycles and increase delivery effectiveness.


Research & Development

  • 12% of Actminds’ annual revenue invested in research & development.
  • Incubation projects with the latest and greatest technologies to benefit customers and projects.
  • Partnerships with universities and government agencies with concrete results in R&D projects.


The virtual machines or containers, software, operating system, and run time libraries that will enable the digital transformation.

Get to know the technologies and platforms Actminds leverages to develop the most innovative solutions.

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