Innovation, Flexibility, Adaptability and Security

Actminds puts a strong focus on innovation as a driving force when offering its services. Our global clients benefit from our capacity to be flexible enough in aligning specific needs to world-class project management services, bringing the latest technologies to improve projects.

     – Research & Development

Actminds invests about 12% of its annual revenue in research and development, focusing on new technologies and applications. Actminds has established partnerships with top universities and government agencies, and has been gathering concrete results in diverse projects.


     – Reuse and component-based development

Actminds component-based development approach increases the flexibility of the developed applications, ensuring higher adherence to current and future needs. Reuse of technical and business components lead to an efficient and fast software development resource.


     – Security

Actminds’ security policy covers the whole organization, addressing physical and logical access, secure connectivity and network, intrusion detection, management controls, incident handling procedures, firewall policy, backup and storage.