Methodology & Process

Actminds achieves highly predictable costs, on schedule delivery and quality by using its largely proven methodologies based on international standards such as Agile/Scrum, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Project Management Institute (PMI) and CMMI. The results are a development process of high visibility and traceability, with effective risk and quality management.

SCRUM is a method for project management that is becoming increasingly more common in the software industry.
Small teams consisting of a maximum 6-8 people divide their work into “mini projects” that have duration of about one month during which a limited number of detailed functionalities are developed.

Where traditional methods focus on staying on track, SCRUM is aimed at – like other agile methods – delivering business value. Each Sprint enhances the product’s market value and adds new functions and improvements that can be delivered to the client.


Agile Conceptual Framework and SCRUM

– Quick start with minimum documentation;

– First delivery in a short period;

– New features delivered on a regular basis;

– Less bureaucracy;

– Room for on-the-fly business changes;

– Clear efficiency gain.


There are projects that should be carried out using traditional approaches, especially when documentation plays an important role, like complex business rules that will not change frequently. For these projects Actminds suggests RUP Methodology.