Actminds at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall 2017

Oct 2, 2017

Actminds has been at the Midsize Enterprise Summit (Spring and Fall editions) for more than 13 years, and this year was not different from the others.

From Sep 17 to 19, 2017, Actminds met technology leaders from companies of different industries and sizes and our team was impressed with the role IT leader are playing in transforming their companies through innovative technology adoption.

At the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall we had the chance to share insights, learnings, and outcomes from the “quick-win” projects, as well as from strategic business transformations initiatives we lead everyday with our customers.

We took every interaction with great leaders to also sharpen Actminds’ offerings and services to help organizations achieve more with cloud computing and data-driven decision processes.

Our staff — while at the booth or leading sessions – could share many highlights from the event, but there are a few that it might be worth to mention:

1.) Every leader wants to leverage data to make better decisions and are searching for help on how to get started.

Data is everywhere and growing exponentially. The challenge of generating insights from data coming from such diverse sources, variety, and sizes can make any data analysis endeavor be discouraged.

What Actminds learned is that, sometimes, even if the “data discussion” might be overwhelming, there are still an opportunity to capture quick-wins and grow the complexity of projects as the data analysis “maturity” of an organization grows.

At the Midsize Enterprise Summit, Actminds introduced the REACT offer  and presented a case on how an organization uncovered in its “backyard” opportunities there were not known.

2.) Virtual agents are a trending topic to enhance customer experience and optimize investments on customer-care.

midsize enterprise summit fall 2017Gartner predicts virtual agents will be mainstream by 2020 and can help organizations improve customer experiences through cutting-edge conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, and we noticed that in many interactions with leaders when “how to build my own bot” was a common topic.

Companies are searching for ways to optimize customer-care, and chat bots (or virtual agents) are becoming the most effective answer to handle “basic” customer inquiries and guide agents to the following logical action.

3.) The cloud is no longer a “should I leverage” type of discussion, but a “how do I make the most of it”.

With the level of compliance, regulation, standards, policies, and features or services available, there was a clear sense that initial barriers for cloud adoption have been overcome. CIOs in different stages do not see a cloud computing discussion out of the equation to build the business solutions they expect.

Our understanding is that cloud computing (especially in a multi-cloud scenario) is no longer a matter of if, but when and how.

In summary, it was a remarkable opportunity to attend the Midsize Enterprise Summit and a great opportunity to confirm that Actminds has the offers and services to enable customers capture insights from data, develop the virtual agents every organization needs, and strategically enable cloud-computing aligned to company’s needs and goals.

You can check a video of our session at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall that is available here.

Actminds is actively engaged in the most important forums, summits, and events for technology leaders in the USA. You can learn what upcoming events Actminds will attend or sponsor by visiting this link –

Make sure you stop by our booth to say “Hi” and discuss how technology can propel your business and what role Actminds can play in enabling that.

It will be a pleasure engaging with you.

Gil Seabra
Director, Business Development

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