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Recording available: 5 Tips to Improve your Business with Power BI

Sep 11, 2017

By now you might have seen the webinars Actminds has been leading on a regular basis in the last months.
Webinars have been a great vehicle to engage with our customers, partners, and the technology community that are searching for ways to improve their businesses by leveraging innovative solutions.

While visiting our recording catalog and following Actminds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter you will be able to learn more about cloud computing, insights from data, application modernization & integration, and much more.

Now, speaking about the topic of this blog post, Actminds just made available the recording of a new Webinar: 5 tips to improve your business with Power BI.

In this session, Actminds’ specialists talk about how Microsoft Power BI can empower businesses to achieve more.
To recap, Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that enables you to see all of your data through a single pane of glass. Live Power BI dashboards and reports include visualizations and KPIs from data residing both on-premises and in the cloud, offering a consolidated view across your business, regardless of where your data lives.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Modern BI and Analytics platforms
  • What is Microsoft Power BI
  • Architecture and different deployment options (on-prem)
  • Connectors and extensions
  • Lots of demos!

You can watch the recording by simply clicking on the link below to register to get updates from Actminds’ experts.

Also, we shared some of Actminds’ experience in deploying data analysis tools with 5 tips:

  • Adopt by area and learn with it
  • Focus on quick-wins
  • Never underestimate the power of data you have
  • Reach to external data to enrich your analytics capabilities
  • Train your team: small learning curve, but still new concepts

To assist companies of all sizes to deploy Power BI successfully, Actminds created an offer to work hand-in-hand with your users for two weeks, using real data-set to build easy-to-consume reports and dashboards for only $4000. REACT is the name of such offering and has 5 steps:

Refine – focus work in one business area
Examine – the data and build the analytical model with 2 data sources
Analyze – build 2 Power BI reports
Contribute – Share, collaborate and make decisions
Train – training and mentoring to extract value from the tool

You can learn more about REACT by visiting Actminds’ Services & Solutions page or by contacting us.

It will be a pleasure engaging with you!

Carlos Cardoso
Actminds Solution Architect

Custom Application Development
Application Modernization & Integration
Strategic Cloud Enablement
Application Managed Services

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