Recording available: Chat Bot – Exploring scenarios where chat bots can be used

Jun 27, 2017

As a regular Actminds’ blog reader, you probably noticed the webinar series our specialists have been leading recently. The last session we led a “chat-bot” discussion with people attending across the US.

By taking the time to gather and prepare content, incorporating real-customer life scenarios, and share best practices we hope these webinars become resources for you to envision new ways to apply innovative technology in your business and progress on your career.

So, before even start talking about chat-bots, we would like to take a moment to thank and say that we appreciate the time you are dedicating to read out blog posts, attend the webinars, watch past sessions, and share these resources with co-workers and friends.

Now, going back to the reason why we wrote this post, Actminds led on June 6th 2017 a webinar to showcase what are the most common use cases for chat-bots and the recording is now available.

In a recent study, Gartner predicts virtual agents will be mainstream by 2020, leading most of the online interaction with customers and prospects. Check the link for this study here .

This is the reason why people are talking so much about chat-bots, and at the same time, are still unsure what they are and how can be applied on their business.

By watching this recording you will have the chance to learn basic chat-bot concepts as well as understand the architecture components of a chat-bot solution, how Artificial Intelligence, voice-to-text, speech recognition, and task automation can do to improve your customer experience and reduce costs.

Also, Actminds has had the pleasure to lead several chat-bot projects recently and we bring the learnings and experiences from these customer interactions to this session.

If your organization is searching for alternate ways to improve customer satisfaction and automate customer interactions, please reach out to us. It will be a pleasure discussing your needs and how such technology can empower your business.

You can watch the recording by simply clicking on the link below to register to get updates from Actminds’ experts.

Last but not least, don’t forget to comment on the recording you are about to watch. This will help us sharpen the topics for a new wave of Webinars.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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