Applications to improve your customers' engagements.

Cloud computing to improve your operational efficiency.

Applications and cloud computing enabling the digital transformation.

Applications to improve your customers' engagements.

Cloud computing to improve your operational efficiency.

Applications and cloud computing enabling the digital transformation.

Custom Application Development

Unique challenges demand unique solutions. By leveraging Agile methodology, Actminds is ready to provide the resources and the technology expertise to develop custom solutions for your business.

Why custom application development?
  • As business demand grows, your team needs to focus on business outcomes.
  • The technology expertise of a solution provider will shorten the time-to-market and optimize investments.
  • With new platforms, languages, frameworks and design patterns, keeping up the pace is a challenge.
Custom application development scenarios?
  • Satellite solutions that will extend or enhance packaged or ISVs solutions to deliver greater value to users.
  • Business analysts to detail specs, architects to define the components of a solution, an Agile teams to develop your application from the ground up.
  • Application monitoring and telemetry to assist on feature prioritization and make sure the investments will be made towards greater business outcomes.

Application Modernization & Integration

The digital transformation by innovative and dynamic application that improves your customers’ engagement and empowers your workforce. Take advantage of the growing collection of cloud services and cross-platform mobile presence to deliver high value solutions to your business and reduce TCO.

Why modernize applications?
  • As demand grows, applications need to scale accordingly.
  • Mobility represents the largest technology innovation of all times.
  • Legacy platforms and frameworks impose great challenges to respond to business needs.
Application modernization scenarios
  • Extend your web application experience to mobile.
  • Lift and shift legacy applications or re-architect existing applications to leverage cloud computing.
  • Rewrite business applications by prioritizing business outcomes.

Strategic Cloud Enablement

The digital transformation via scalable, secure, and flexible resources. Optimize investments while you start small and scale up as it succeeds. Uncover new opportunities, enable new ventures, and unleash innovation by leveraging the cloud.

Why leverage cloud computing?
  • The opportunity to experiment at the speed business needs without upfront costs.
  • Financially optimized to grow consumption as opportunities materialize.
  • Identify patterns and preview scenarios based on data.
Cloud Computing Scenarios
  • Data management, advanced analytics, and predictive analysis.
  • Storage, data warehouse, and computing.
  • Application integration, content distribution, media, and hosting.

Application Managed Services

Intelligent solutions to assist you to maintain and innovate your applications as the business evolves and new requirements emerge. Improve your delivery capacity while increasing agility to respond to opportunities.

Why Application Managed Services?
  • Focus where your most strategic opportunities exist.
  • Free your staff for strategic projects to increase business responsiveness.
  • Focus on business impact rather than play catch up with newer technologies and frameworks.
Application Managed Services Scenarios
  • Agile teams enhancing existing features or building new ones.
  • Application management, performance, usability telemetry, fixes and enhancements.
  • Application modernization by leveraging best in class platforms and frameworks.

Data Insights with Actminds’ REACT

Turn data into strategic information where business users can conduct self-service analysis, extract insights from corporate data, and access dashboards through mobile devices with Microsoft Power BI.

Why Data Insights?
  • Identify patterns in organizational data and uncover new opportunities.
  • Predict future behaviors mixing proprietary and public data.
  • Add value to the business with actionable insights.
Actminds REACT

An optimize offer to assist your organization accelerate Microsoft Power BI deployment. Contact Actminds for more details, including quote and brochure.

Refine – Identify the areas of the organization that will benefit from insights and support the decision-making process.
Examine – Analytical model based on a specific business context, connecting 2 data sources.
Analyze – Develop 2 Power BI reports for flexible analysis, with mobile device and Q&A using natural language support.
Contribute – Share the analysis throughout the organization helping.
Train – 4 hours of Power BI hour workshop, plus 4 hours mentoring to answer questions and provide recommendations.

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