Web Application Development

  • Highly mature process and low cost

Actminds Application Development enables clients to deploy enterprise-class solutions based on a variety of platforms and technologies, such as service-oriented architectures, component-based solutions, enterprise portals, and EAI.

Actminds’ largely proven methodology enables it to identify clients’ business requirements, and transform them into software components with a unique capacity to support the evolution of these business requirements, in addition to high-level customization. Actminds deployment approach covers a comprehensive range of services from business process modeling to system operation, including solution construction, migration and system integration.

Actminds develops solutions to meet its clients’ specific needs, complying with strict requirements of transactional processing, availability, security and integration to legacy systems.


  • World-Class Project Management

Actminds solid project management capabilities are based on CMMI, PMI, RUP, Automated Software Process Management and collaborative websites.


  • Superior Business Acumen

Actminds has a highly skilled team, with a broad understanding of businesses. Actminds is committed to pursuing solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses.


Goldengate Software (an Oracle Company)

Actminds helped GoldenGate to create the new version of its software Veridata, splitting a monolitic application into two parts, integrated using web Services.
Technology: J2EE (Hibernate, Spring, JSF), Ajax, Web Services, JUnit, Selenium.


Business Objects (a SAP Company)

Proof of Concept delivered in one month. First full release in 10 months
Technology: J2EE (JDO, Spring, JSF); Ajax


Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has reduced their product lead time (packages) to half by implemented the new collaborative Scheduling System developed by Actminds.
The system controls activities like manufacturing, distribution, scheduling and has improved performance of several different processes in the production chain.
Technologies: NET Framework 2.0, C#, Windows Services, Excel Classes, AJAX .NET, Reporting Services, SQL Server 2005, Graphical Componets.



Actminds was hired by Recall to create a new version of its Document Management System in order to be compliant with the requirements of their end user – a major US Bank.
The system is designed to operate worldwide controlling the storage and retrieval process of the physical documents of the bank.
Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 and 3.0
Challenge: Synchronize a huge volume of data distributed in 28 SQL Server 2005 databases in different worldwide locations.


Jogo Media

Actminds designed and implemented JOGO Media’s GamePlan, an Ajax application that delivers features for online in-game advertising with advanced reporting features.
Technologies and techniques: Spring Framework, Hibernate, Ajax/ICEFaces, Oracle, Maven, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Design with TestNG/Selenium, Continuous Integration with JetBrain’s TeamCity, Code Review with Atlassian’s Crucible.