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Building real world microservices on Azure

Jan 9, 2018

Microservices are small services with independent lifecycles that work together” -Sam Newman. In this talk we’ll explore building real world microservices application using using Node.JS and kubernetes on Azure. After a brief introduction of what microservices are and why they are important, we’ll spend the bulk of the time looking at how BDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing coupled with modern CI/CD techniques can help you deploy containers to Azure.

We’ll explore best practices, code, and tooling to get the job done right. Beginners will get a sense of what microservices are and what makes different, whereas more experienced practitioners will get an insight into practical advice into how to implement them.

Watch the recording from the webinar Actminds’ led on Dec 20th, 2017 to learn about microservices and how this new paradigm to develop modern applications.


Also, feel free to comment and share your feedback about the video you are about to watch. This will help us sharpen the topics for a new wave of Webinars.

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